Starts-Ups for Social Impact

31 Jul, and our sister company have recently partnered with to help the Singapore based Social Enterprise Accelerator launch its activities in Thailand.

We sat down with co-founder Kineret Karin, to hear her insights on how ImpacTech’s program is changing the way Asia understands Social Enterprise, and what it really means to become a start-up.


What is Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprises, as defined by ImpacTech, are those companies focussed on helping the community by tackling social issues. In apps, for example, there’s a steady movement towards harnessing mobile tech to tackling social issues, e.g. helping the elderly, reducing waste and helping businesses operate in more environmentally friendly ways. A decent example from our own portfolio is Wildscan – An app dedicated to helping combat wildlife trafficking.


How Can ImpacTech’s Accelerator Help You?

ImpacTech’s upcoming launch in Thailand is a big opportunity for socially motivated start-ups.

“…We’re really hands-on. We want these start-ups to succeed because their purpose is for the good of the community, not purely profit driven. We help start-ups implement all the technology that’s out there to make their apps great…” said Kineret.

The accelerator already has a fair share of success stories to help inspire and motivate entrepreneurs looking for assistance, guidance and support. Here are some of the best known:
EbeeCare – A simple marketplace for nurses in Singapore
Good for Food – Waste reduction for restaurants and supermarkets
Hapticus – Private ride sharing app for the disabled


How Can You Apply?

ImpacTech accepts only 10 start-ups into each four-month cohort of its unique accelerator program. If you are a social-tech start-up/entrepreneur or have a great idea and want to jump into the water, you can apply for the next cohort today. Be prepared to part with 5% of your equity and agree to pay a 5% finders fee on any funds the accelerator program arranges for you.

During the program, start-ups are paired with experienced mentors who, over the 4 months of the program, guide and tutor them weekly about the skills and steps necessary to successfully launch their business, find investors and grow their user base.

The program also offers participants weekly lectures from a host of experts on everything from the legal landscape for start-ups in the region, to how to pitch investors with the confidence and certitude needed to get a “yes”.

ImpacTech alumni receive ongoing support from the program and can tap into the network whenever they feel the need – More investment? Development issues? – ImpacTech experts remain on hand to help…


Want to Learn More?

If you’re running a nascent social enterprise and are looking to scale up, be sure to reach out to us so we can put you in touch with the relevant program director in time for the upcoming cohort. The Bangkok launch for ImpacTech is scheduled for early September, and is still accepting applicants for the remaining slots.

Not only that, will help you with the content you need in order to sell your idea with presentations, newsletters, blogs and web-optimized content.

Contact us today to learn about the ways we’ll help generate business for you.