10 Do’s & Don’ts for Successful Newsletters and Email Marketing

07 May

My grandfather always said:

“If you haven’t got something smart to say it’s best if you say nothing”

He was always right.

Let’s put that into context with sending out newsletters and email marketing.

Email provides a reliable action mechanism for talking with your clients and, despite the encroachment of social media, still reigns strong with demographics above 30.

Here are 10 Do’s and Don’ts to follow in order to get the most from your email marketing:

1. DO – Keep people up to date

Tell your audience about worthwhile news you have to share with them.

“Worthwhile content” could be any of the following:

– Promotions

– Tips and hints on how to get the most from your services or products

– Articles with fresh editorial content or commentary

– New products or services from your company

– Press and media coverage of your company

– Events you’re organising or participating in


2. DON’T – Lie or mislead

Don’t lie, no one likes a liar…

Never create misleading subject lines for your postings. Not only is this type of deception unethical, it’s straight-up illegal in many places. It’ll hurt your reputation, lose any form of trust you had and see more and more people unsubscribe (serves you right for lying!).


3. DO – Stay on topic

Always be sure your content is related to your email’s subject line. If people are kind enough to read what you have to say, at least say what you’ve promised to tell them.


4. DON’T – Brag about yourself

So you’ve achieved X number of subscribers? Great for you! But guess what? You’re readers probably don’t care.
Avoid the words “Me”, “We”, “Us”. This should be about the person reading, not you. Which leads to the next point…


5. DO – Talk about them

People want to know how your service/product helps them. So talk about their issues and how you can solve it. 
Use the word “You” often.


6. DON’T – Be a bore

If you’ve got nothing interesting to say, no ones going to be interested. Keep it interesting, factual and helpful.


7. DO – Be entertaining

This is a conversation you’re trying to engage. So talk to your audience as if you’ve having a friendly chat about something great you’ve discovered and can offer them.

Think of stories you enjoy reading and be creative at generating your own:

– We all enjoy reading “human interest” stories

– Focus your writing around story-telling that puts people at the center

– Demonstrate your benefits through stories about the positive experiences people had with your products or services


8. DON’T – Give away all the goods in your email

Avoid using emails for telling full stories. Large blocks of text are a massive turn off. If people want to read a book, they’ll read a book. Keep it short and snappy, ideally in the 150 word range.


9. Do – Be Respectful

A person’s inbox is their private space – as such, treat it that way. Writing and having someone read what you say is a privilege. Take on that mindset when you’re next sending out an email blast. Your readers will like you all the more for it.


10. DO – Use your email as a lead to your site

As we mentioned at the beginning, you want your emails to lead to action. Great communication tells a person what you want them to do next – don’t leave them to work that out for themselves, they haven’t got time for that. Brevity is key. Make your point, then tell them what’s next.


Need a little help?

Perhaps you’ve sent out a few newsletters, perhaps you never have. If you’re seeing poor response or you’re not sure what the hell to even say, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re here to help you craft email campaigns that lead to results.