Social Media Marketing In Thailand: Why You Shouldn’t Forget LinkedIn

06 May


You’re probably on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – or at least you’ve considered them. These platforms have been the pillars of social media strategy for businesses in Thailand, and with good reason.

Facebook is the big one, with roughly 37 million members in Thailand – that’s 55% of the country! Instagram and Twitter are growing quickly too with 7.8 million and 5.2 million users, respectively, in 2016.

But if those are the only social media platforms you’re using to network, engage, and spread the word about your brand, you’re missing out on the massive potential of another growing medium: LinkedIn.


In 2016, LinkedIn had just over a million members in Thailand, that’s less than 20% of people in the country who hold a higher degree. That being said, in this country, when social media platforms grow, they grow fast. The potential for LinkedIn to become massive certainly exists.

LinkedIn is the go-to hub for B2B. So although it’s more of a social network for professionals than a hangout where anything goes, it can have a massive impact on your business.

There are over 467 million members worldwide. The field is rich, especially for e-commerce companies, as the industry continues to blossom in Southeast Asia. Finding a way to market your brand through all channels will become paramount to leading the industry.


If you’re new to marketing on LinkedIn, you should start out with these basic steps:

1. Join a group that relates to your target audience and post your content regularly.

2. Make sure your content is informative and engaging.

3. Share other businesses’ content, especially industry insights. Six out of every 10 readers on LinkedIn are interested in that kind of writing.

4. Post often. LinkedIn results in more direct traffic to your website than Facebook and Twitter. The more often your messages are out there, the greater the potential for clicks becomes.

5. Take advantage of your built-in fan base: your employees will click, share, and comment on your posts more often than other readers. From there, your network grows.

If you haven’t given any attention to LinkedIn, don’t wait any longer. Lead the movement before someone else in your industry does.

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