Top 5 Tips to Turn Facebook Likes into Customers

10 May

When Facebook premiered its “Like” feature in 2009, it became the number one focus for brands everywhere to get as many thumbs up as possible. The “Like” became the symbol of power and status.

Fast forward to 2017, and the true value of the “Like” is a little clearer. Although a few thousand “Likes” won’t automatically result in higher sales, they do suggest that a lot of people have a keen interest in your brand. That’s important in this day and age.

Converting your fans and followers into customers requires a little know-how; you have to engage your audience.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:


1. Share and Be Shared

This useful infographic from Ambassador makes things clear: Facebook shares drive sales. This is doubly true for Thailand with it’s high adoption rates for social media and appetite for informal and social commerce. In fact social commerce in Thailand is probably well ahead of the curve even when compared to countries that have made much greater commitments towards IT infrastructure and education. But being Thai and being on Facebook aren’t enough to get you “shares”, for that you’ll have to prove you’re worth sharing…

One of the best ways to generate interest in your brand and your products is to hold contests that reward your fans for liking you. For example, a craft beer bar could host something like this:

“Share your best photo of you with our craft beer. The photo with the most likes wins a drink on us!”

Contests and other interactive marketing campaigns are a great opportunity to show just how interesting you can be, while reaching out and engaging your target audience. The better you are at generating interest, the more likely your fans are to share you, your contests, your content and your brand with their friends. By word-of-mouth you’ll pick up new “Likes” and, more importantly, new opportunities for conversions.


2. Generate Newsletter Signups

There are numerous ways to generate interest through your email newsletters, but you need a decent sized contact list before you can get going.

Mention your newsletter in status updates, offer newsletter signups on your Facebook page—whatever your approach, be active in leveraging your “Likes” and opening new channels for communication with your customers.

As popular as social media channels are, the simple reality is that for most demographics, when it comes to marketing for effect – email still wins out over social media hands down.


3. Give Exclusive Information

Do you have a new product coming out? Provide a sneak peak. Are you leading a workshop? Offer a teaser of the skills people can learn. The idea here is to whet the appetite, driving up interest in your new products or services.
Looking at that earlier infographic from Ambassador, you’ll notice that 70 percent of users follow you in order to get updates on special features and future products. So give ’em what they want.


4. Promote Your Fans

Above all, people follow you because they want to interact with you. Reach out to your fans with Facebook’s “Fan of the Week” app, which, as its name suggests, lets you give a shout-out to one of your followers every week.

Giving back will prove that you’re approachable and personable, and that’s what your fans want from you. They want a brand that feels like a friend.


5. Extend Your Reach with Facebook Ads

Visibility is crucial to your success on social media, and paid ads are a great way to gain exposure, establish your brand as credible, and generate leads.

Facebook ads are simple to create, which makes them particularly valuable to e-marketers who have a lot of duties to balance. They’re so effective that the recent leak that political parties are using them to gain votes should come as no surprise.

Just remember to add call-to-action buttons (CTAs – check out our blog on that) to your ads, like “Sign up for our newsletter now” or “Download our new e-book today.” CTAs will bring more people to your page, increasing your “Likes” and giving you greater potential for conversions.


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